About Us

COSTA continues to be the leading organization in the state dedicated to improving school bus safety.

Est. 1982

The Connecticut School Transportation Association (COSTA) is a voluntary not-for-profit organization of pupil transportation carriers in Connecticut, responsible for transporting nearly 500,000 children to and from school daily.


We represent virtually all of the public and private owners of school buses in the state. Our membership includes private contractors, public and private schools, special needs transporters, Head Start and child care programs, and children’s taxi services.


We work closely with state agencies and the legislature to ensure that Connecticut’s children enjoy the safest possible ride to school.


In conjunction with the Department of Motor Vehicles, we developed and administer the training course required to become an approved school bus driver instructor.

Safety. Service.

COSTA’s mission is to promote and foster the highest degree of safety in the transportation of school children. To that end, we provide continuing education for our members and sponsor annual safety skills competitions and safe driver recognition programs.

Most school transportation carriers in Connecticut are members of COSTA.

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