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DVD Library

  • DVD’s can be borrowed through COSTA to COSTA Members only
  • DVD’s will be lent out for a period of three weeks
  • A maximum of three DVD’s can be borrowed at one time
  • All DVD’s to be returned via mail must be returned in a traceable manner
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Please call or e-mail COSTA with your selection / # 860-953- 2782 / donna@ctschoolbus.org


Available Titles/Topics:

  • Behind the Wheel Training
  • Behavioral Training
  • Special Needs Training Programs
  • Hazard Awareness Training
  • School Bus Training Programs for Students


Behind the Wheel Training

1-1 Safe Turning Procedures for Bus Drivers / 24 Minutes
This video’s purpose is to demonstrate proper turning techniques. Highlights: Right and left turns are broken down into their component parts so drivers will be able to visualize each part of a turn.

1- 2 Tail Swing Safety of School Bus Drivers / 16 Minutes
Highlights: Understanding the tail swing effect when making turns. The difference of tail swing when driving a conventional versus transit bus.

1-3 Safe Railroad Crossing Procedures / 16 Minutes
This comprehensive railroad crossing video covers the different types of crossing bus drivers may encounter.

1-4 Backing up Procedures for School Bus Drivers / 19 Minutes
Highlights: Basic backing up procedures will include: serpentine, sharp crossover, straight line backing and stall backing up.

1-5 Defensive Driving for School Bus Drivers / 18 Minutes
What should a bus driver do when their bus is descending a hill to quickly? How do you retain control of a bus following a blowout?

1-6 Pre-Trip Inspection (transit buses) / 20 Minutes
This video covers the most important elements of a pre-trip inspection including: Inspection of the lighting systems, exterior and interior items of the bus, brake inspection and much more.

1-7 Pre-Trip Inspections (Conventional Bus) / 20 Minutes
This video does a complete pre-trip including a detailed brake system check, lighting systems, instruments and the essential parts of the bus.

1-8 Loading Zones: Split Second around Your School Bus / 16 Minutes
This video gives a complete 360 degree look around the school bus; we freeze time to show what types of potential problems the school bus driver must be aware of. A visually stimulating DVD to teach drivers how to avoid accidents.

1-9 Driver’s Guide to School Bus Crossing / 20 Minutes
A perfect video to show drivers how students are to safely an d accurately cross in front of the school bus. It also covers the importance of students paying attention to the commands of the school bus driver.

1-10 Mirror Usage and Blind Spots / 25 Minutes This dynamic safety training video will benefit every driver by gaining knowledge about how to use the mirror of their bus.

1-11 Safe Braking Practices and Techniques on the School Bus / 23 Minutes
Highlights: seat adjustment, service brake check, smooth stops, stopping distances and more.

1-12 Advanced Braking Techniques & Practices / 23 Minutes
Highlights: braking techniques on downgrades, drying out brakes, what to do when brake failure occurs, steering wheel control, drivers responsibility for brake adjustment and more.

1-13 Everything Mirrors on the School Bus / 22 Minutes
There is a difference between glancing at a mirror and focusing on what’s going on inside the mirror. This thou=rough DVD bridges that difference and gives driver’s a new perspective on how to effectively use their mirrors.

1-14 How to Reduce Idling on the School Bus / 9 Minutes
Highlights: student’s health, saving fuel and encouraging parents to do the same when picking up their students.

1-15 Everyday Hazards for School Bus Drivers / 18 Minutes
This is a unique video. The entire video is shot through the eyes of the bus driver. Dozens of examples visually explain both expected and unexpected hazards that can and will occur. This is an up tempo fascinating program geared to all school bus drivers.

1-16 Post Accident Procedures for School Bus Drivers / 18 Minutes
Do you know the steps to be taken immediately following a collision or a breakdown? Do you know the correct procedures for setting up the reflective emergency triangles? Do you know the important documents to have on hand when law enforcement arrives? These questions are answered in this brand new video on post accident procedures for school bus drivers.

Behavioral Training

2-1 Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Bus Drivers / 23 Minutes
Dramatizations drive home the need for bus drivers to realized the importance of never using drugs & alcohol when driving a school bus. The DVD closely follows federal, state and local guidelines.

2-2 How to Control Extreme Behavior on the School Bus / 20 Minutes
Bus drivers faced with extreme behavior on their school bus, must know how to react fast and effectively. This video offers common sense guidelines about how to deal with this problem.

2-3 How to Control Bullying on the School Bus / 20 Minutes
This training video is designed to provide bus drivers with preventative techniques to stop the vicious and often abusive behavior of bullies on the bus. One of the most popular videos we have ever distributed.

2-4 Violence Prevention on the School Bus / 21 Minutes
Preventative techniques show how to stabilize the situation and prevent a tragedy from occurring.

2-5 Intervention Strategies for School Bus Drivers / 20 Minutes
Highlights: Make students accountable for their actions; communicate with students parents – use positive re-enforcement and verbal intervention.

2-6 Controlling New Age Bullying in Schools / 40 Minutes
This video shows effective techniques to change students behavior and make school employees part of a campus wide team.

2-7 The Professional Bus Driver (Roles & Responsibilities) / 21 Minutes
This video gives an overall picture of many the roles and responsibilities for school bus drivers. The video also covers whey bus drivers are held to higher standards.

2-8 Dealing & Communicating with Parents / 22 Minutes
How to deal with and communicate with parents who are angry or irate is the central theme of this video. Emphasis is on listening skills, staying control of your emotions, being aware of negative or positive body language and more.

Special Needs Training Programs

3-1 Safety Techniques for Special Need Drivers / 22 Minutes
Highlights: different types of tie downs; retractors and ratchet style, loading and unloading special needs students, back safety for drivers and much more.

3-2 Intro to Special Education Bus Driving Safety / 20 Minutes
Highlights: Preventing back injuries when typing down wheelchairs; how to gently drive a school bus when transporting special needs students.

3-3 Advanced Techniques for Special Education Bus Drivers / 20 Minutes
A perfect video to introduce new special ed bus drivers to the challenges of working with physically and mentally handicapped students.

3-4 Intervention Strategies for Special Education Bus Drivers / 20 Minutes
The video spells out techniques that can be used to modify student behavior, while keeping in mind the unique status of these students.

3-5 Bus Evacuation for Special Education Bus Drivers / 20 Minutes
This video dramatizes and thoroughly examines what is required during a special education evacuation.

3-6 Safety Techniques for Tying Down Wheelchairs / 20 Minutes
Special ed bus drivers will gain valuable insights into how to protects students, themselves and well as wheelchairs.

3-7 Transporting Students with Emotional Disabilities / 26 Minutes
An in depth look at how to communicate, how to intervene and how to work with students, parents and staff of special needs students. Highlights: How to communicate with special needs students; the importance of working with parents and school staff.

3-8 Special Needs Bus Driving: What you Need to Know / 24 Minutes
Highlights: Driving with tender, loving, care – awareness of the frailties of special needs students. Tying down techniques and more.

3-9 How to Safely Evacuate a Special Needs Bus / 18 Minutes
Evacuating a school bus for special needs students requires knowledge, training and expertise. We demonstrate multiple evacuations, show the importance of mental awareness and the importance of protecting yourself from injury.

Hazard Awareness Training

4-1 Winter Bus Driving Safety / 22 Minutes
Proper spacing on an icy road, awareness of other drivers, how and when to chain up, how to handle a bus when you go into a skid.

4-2 Driving a School Bus in Fog, Rain & Wind / 24 Minutes
Fog, rain and heavy wind conditions are common conditions for all school bus drivers. In this video we demonstrate how to use safe procedures when these conditions are presents.

4-3 The Do’s and Don’ts of Cell Phone Usage for School Bus Drivers / 24 Minutes
A timely reminder of why school bus drivers should not use cell phones while driving. Including: distractions, policies and student safety. Also, gives reasons why it may be important to have a cell phone accessible and how to use it in an appropriate and lawful manner.

4-4 Exception for the use of School Bus Warning and Stop Lights / 12 Minutes
This video demonstrates how, when and why school bus warning lights and stopping lights should be used. We demonstrate the exceptions and the use of these lights.

4-5 How to Safely Evacuate a School Bus / 20 Minutes
Highlights: Drills for rear door, side door and split door evacuation are demonstrated.

4-6 Night Driving Safety for School Bus Drivers / 20 Minutes
This Video was taped in high definition to give the view an enhanced look at driving the school bus at night. The video covers the importance of pre-tripping the bus for night driving. It also goes over understanding night blindness and night visibility techniques. Following distances, rate of closure and illumination of headlights are some of the many topics that we cover in this depth video.

4-7 How to Survive a Tire Blowout on the School Bus / 12 Minutes
Highlights: Make sure not to step on the service brake – Grip the wheel firmly.

4-8 Make Seconds Count / 19 Minutes
This video re-enacts the actions that school bus drivers must take following a serious school bus accident.

4-9 Safe School Crossing Procedures / 20 Minutes
A perfect video to show drivers how students are to safely and accurately cross in front of the school bus. It also covers the importance of students paying attention to the commands of the school bus driver.

4-10 Safety Orientation for School Bus Drivers / 21 Minutes
This orientation video will acquaint bus drivers with many of the most important safety issues that face school bus drivers.

4-11 Back & Ergonomic Safety for School Bus Drivers / 20 Minutes
Highlights: Avoiding back injury when tying down wheelchairs – Posture and adjustment of driver’s seat & more.

4-12 Mountain Driving Safety for School Bus Drivers / 22 Minutes
Highlights: Use of the snub and drag method, how to choose the correct gear and the use of the target speed.

4-13 First Aid training for School Bus Drivers / 27 Minutes
First aid training including BBP protection, bleeding & shock, spinal injuries, Epi-Pen issues and responding to a seizure.

4-14 Undercarriage & Component Parts / 24 Minutes
A lead bus mechanic takes a group of bus drivers on a tour of the undercarriage of the school bus.

4-15 Dual Air Brake Training Video / 60 Minutes
Bob Austin, an expert training supervisor from the California Dept. of School Transportation hosts.

4-16 Brake Testing Procedures for School Bus Drivers / 20 Minutes
This video gives a basic understanding of the different types of braking systems on school buses. It also covers brake tests.

4-17 Securing the Bus Yard / 20 Minutes
School buses are a vulnerable target. This new video demonstrates the need to employ “common sense” safety measure to counteract threats to their bus.

4-18 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
The critical issue of leaving children on school buses.

4-20 Night Driving Safety for School Bus Drivers / 22 Minutes
Highlights: Adjusting for fatigue, night pre-trip inspection, night visibility including: driving within your headlights, proper sand safe use of headlights.

School Bus Training Programs for Students

5-1 Bus Evacuation Drills for Students / 13 Minutes
A training video for students to learn what they will need to know when evacuating a bus. Multiple demos of most commonly used evacuation techniques.

5-2 Kids Guide to School Bus Safety / 12 Minutes
Younger age students, between the ages of 4-8, can learn first- hand what they will need to know in order to ride the school bus safely.

5-3 Stranger Awareness for Kids / 12 Minutes
A simple straight forward animation and live action DVD to make very young students aware of the of the dangers of talking to strangers.

5-4 School Bus Safety for Students / 13 Minutes
Highlights: Multiple demonstrations about how to cross streets safely. This is a light, warm and friendly video with a very strong safety message for young students.

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